Q: Can you do installs?

A: Yes we can, basic labor charges start at $50-$60 to install speakers, head units, or amplifiers(with subwoofer.)

Q: How long do installs typically take?

A: Basic labor on most cars takes between 1/2hr - 1 1/2hrs to install speakers, head units, amplifiers and other accessories.

Q: How can I tell what size my door speakers are?

A: We have a link to Metra Car Audio which will have all of your vehicles information. Or, visit us at the store and we can show you an assortment of different speakers that fit your vehicle and the features they come with!

Q: Are your products backed with a Warranty?

A: All merchandise has a 1 - 3 year warranty. We have a lifetime warranty on labor!

Q: Would a stock head unit work with an aftermarket system?

A: Of course, this is known as OEM intergration. The head unit would act only as a player, then send its information to an intergration device such as a JL cleanswap or a Rockford 360.2. These units take limited, distorted signals from the player and balance it for better sound quality. They also boost the signal for efficiency which limits heat throughout the entire system.

Q: Can you build custom enclosures?

A: All vehicles have different locations for subwoofers. We can order specialty boxes for your specific car, or build a custom box to meet your needs.

Q: What if you don't have what I'm looking for?

A: Sight and Sound Audio Connections has some of the best connections with manufacturers all around the U.S. If we don't have the product you're looking for it can be ordered quickly and at competetive prices.